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this is "p b p"

Starting of as a music project already in the early 80´s "pbp" may well be the oldest kinkyband in the world. Formed by Master-J in Sweden with the intention of entertain at various Fetish-Bdsm-kinky parties.

Realsing that the audience at various Fetish-Bdsm-kink parties not only include people at the age of app 20-25 years of age, but also all of those who once started the Fetish revolution in the world. People who do have Fetish-Bdsm as a lifestyle.

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the band started off as the FMS-band, a name that later was changed to "pbp". already those first years the badn played at different venues in Europe and did also participate in a Swedish TV show.

It might be a tradition in the band, that it from time to time falls into a state of coma. Only to wake up a year later. That might be one of the reasons that the band have changed members every now and then. 

At this very moment the band is back in buisness once again. Out of the original members its Master-J and miss Paddington. the rest of the band is new members. A band performing songs written for the bdsm-fetish-kinky scene.

With new members of different age we have added a new sound to old tunes, and new tunes with influences taken everywhere in the Pop-rock music scene. With the intention to have something to give everyone in an audience, not only the young and beautiful, this is tunes for all ages.

Songs that the generation that acutally started the kink-scene might enjoy as its not based on  electronic rhytms.

Lyrics telling stories about You and Me, the people who lives with and within this mad and kinky adult world.

New songtitles is added to the band constantly giving the members huge problems to keep up. After discussion with a producer of records, an LP is planned, hopefully released in 2013.

Songs presented below is a variation of Demo recordings and recording that is done during different rehersal session. all of them may need further development.

Songs below will guide you to different sites, such as YouTube, soundcloud and also to MediaFire. At MediaFire you can and must actually download the file, in order to listen to it.

Latest recording.

use Me - Give it to me Sir
yet another song where I used the VoiceBox to produce a female voice.

dressing for pleasure
One main problem for me during Demo-recordings is the need of a female voice. This song therefor is recorded with the help of a Electroharmonix VoiceBox, to simulate a female voice.

S / M interlude
S/M interlude was written already in the 1990´s as some kind of modern BDSM related tune, in a similar way as the great tune by RAVEl- Bolero nce was written. Since then the tune have been altered several time´s all in hope to get the perfect sound and athmosphere in the tune.

Hmmm - Whip in the air

in chains of steel
recorded during rehersal session July 2012

she´s a ponygirl 
(demo version - downloaded at YouTube almost 15000 times)
the story about a ponygirl....Youtube Edition

sslavegirl blue´s
performed at Garage rehersal in Malmö 1995

if there´s a wall
could well be an anthem for the pervo world.

along the road
the story of a young submissive woman escaping from Her small hometown, 
moving to Copenhagen where she found freedom to be Her self..

He look´s like Batman
the dreams and hopes of a freind of mine, today trying to survive

I´m a bad bad girl
with Amimnia on vocals.

another world

demo version of the song

Help Me, buzzaround

instrumental version of the song

give it to Me, Sir!

live version recorded at rehersal summer 2012

listen to the sound of the night

something different, vocal demo

on stage 1994 

"pbp 2013"
vocals by:

"miss paddington"

"miss monstertruck"

Our latest member, the third voice.
unfortinutly We are missing a thirde female voice, and is in desperate need of one... interessted send me a mail.

Back up musicians:

drums of all kind, the more the merry´r by:
"Mr Builder Bob"

Bass by:
"Friar Tuck"

Guitar, vocal, composer, bandleader:

All music performed is originals written by the bandleader "MJ"
"dare studio  © sweden"

Pics from rehersal at "dare studio´s" Söbben 

and from "Mattias Studio Heavy Metal" - Henån

recording at Seabreeze studio´s

or by phone: 0046761970801